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SHELF LIFE What book or resource has helped you keep current on rapid changes in the legal environment? INNOVATION RECS 1 THE ACCIDENTAL LIBRARY MARKETER by Kathy Dempsey (Information Today, Inc., 1 edition, July 7, 2009). "The title of this book may evoke tones of marketing and outreach; however, it contains so much more. The content ranges from basic concepts to deeply thoughtful insights—a user can find it as useful as the amount of effort and thought they are willing to invest. A few sections that stood out to me were, 'How to Get Staff Buy-In,' 'How to Properly Assess your Current Situation,' and 'Applying Return on Investment Concepts to the Library.' Checklists are provided throughout the book that are also helpful." – Brian C. Barnes; Law Library Director & Associate Professor; Loyola University New Orleans College of Law; New Orleans, LA UP FRONT 2 LAW 360 (A LexisNexis Company, Portfolio Media, Inc., 2018). "Law360 is a source I look at every day. For me, it is an effortless way to keep up with change because I read it for the work stories. Stephen King once said, 'People love to read about work. God knows why, but they do.' I am one of those people. Law 360's Q&A series, where notable people discuss their careers, is my favorite. Many of the inter- viewees are the creative outliers who predict, make, or implement the change that everyone else is trying to track." - Amy Atchison; Associate Law Librarian for Public Services; University of California, Irvine School of Law; Irvine, CA 3 ASIL INSIGHTS (The American Society of International Law, Washington, DC, 2018). "ASIL Insights are authored by persons with expertise in international law. They provide concise, objective, and timely back- ground information for recent developments of interest to the international legal community. The articles cover a wide variety of international legal topics and refer to primary legal sources and other supporting documents that relate to each article. The articles are available for brows- ing, including archives that you can browse by year. There is also a search function for keyword, tag (assigned category), and year that is available by clicking on the 'Expand Search Filters' button. ASIL Insights are freely accessible on The American Society of International Law website." - Wanita Scroggs; International Law Librarian; Stetson University College of Law; Gulfport, FL 4 AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION ANNUAL LEGAL TECHNOLOGY SURVEY REPORT (American Bar Association, Chicago, IL, 2018). "For about a dozen years, I have co-taught a course that aims to give law students an overview of the role of technology in legal practice. Keeping current on law firm trends is made pos- sible by the annual ABA Legal Technology Survey Report. The survey is published in six volumes and covers basics and security, law office technology, web and communication technology, and online research, among other topics. One can purchase sepa- rate volumes or the entire set, which can be expensive ($1,600 for the full set for ABA members in 2017). But the information is crucial to understanding what our students will be facing when they join legal employers. If you want to help your students navigate through the changing world of legal practice technology, this is a must-have." – Kenneth J. Hirsh; Director of the Law Library and Professor of Practice; University of Cincinnati College of Law; Cincinnati, OH 8 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG

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