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The apps help us easily screenshot and annotate con- tent from web pages, create and edit animated GIFs, and highlight, clip, and organize text from websites. Plus, a tiny computer helps users learn programming and create apps. What apps/tech tools are essential to your workday? 4CLICKS FAVORITE APPS/TECH TOOLS TELL AALL SPECTRUM What apps are essential to your workday? Email hhaemker@aall.org and your answer may be fea- tured here. Image © iStock.com/Andresr/alashi/Marvid MONOSNAP "Monosnap is a free screenshot tool I use almost daily, whether it's to capture images of the library catalog to visually explain how to request an item, to highlight how to access library data- bases from off campus, or to send a help request with corresponding error messages to the Information Technology department or a ven- dor. Monosnap not only gives you the ability to control what part of the screen you want to capture, it has built-in annotation tools so you can highlight and add text and shapes to the screenshot within the same program. Bonus feature: video screen- casting is also easy with Monosnap—you can record with or without sound." Mari Cheney; Assistant Director, Research and Instruction; Lewis & Clark Law School; Boley Law Library; Portland, OR https://monosnap.com (Windows, MacOS X; free) SCREENTOGIF "Quite a few applica- tions will help you cre- ate animated GIFs (try GIPHY Capture if you're on a Mac), but I like ScreenToGif because it is free, lightweight, and open source. I use ScreenToGif whenever I need to explain something I'm doing on a screen, whether that's a path I'm following on a website or where to find a particular option in an application's menu—anytime I want to convey more information than an ordinary screen capture will allow. The resulting GIF can be used in a LibGuide, PowerPoint, or Google Slides pre- sentation, or even as an attachment to an email. ScreenToGif also provides editing tools so you can add text captions, shapes, or a progress bar." Rebecca Fordon; Faculty Services Librarian; UCLA School of Law; Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library; Los Angeles, CA Screentogif.com (Windows; free) POWERNOTES "PowerNotes is a sub- scription-based Chrome extension that lets you clip text online, keep the URL for the clip, annotate it, and organize it into an outline. When you are finished, you can rear- range clips and export to Word or RIS (citation management software) to write your paper. For me, it breaks down the barriers between siloed databases I can research in Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, and other databases, while keeping all my notes in one place. Simply install the PowerNotes Chrome extension, then use it to highlight and capture text on most web pages; select the citation option to grab a citation with the clip. Create a project to store your research on a specific subject and cus- tomize topics to organize a project. Once you've added content, click on Project Outline to see all clips and rearrange or delete. Once you're fin- ished, simply export the clips to a Word document to create your outline." Cynthia W. Bassett; Electronic Services Librarian; University of Missouri Law School Library; Columbia, MO https://powernotes.com (Windows, Mac; negotiated by subscription) NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 | AALL SPECTRUM 11 RASPBERRY PI "Raspberry Pi is a low-cost ($35) micro- computer with onboard wireless and Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to learn program- ming. These microcom- puters are simple to set up and maintain. You can buy extra microSD cards and easily image your entire system for a quick and easy backup should there be a failure with the main system memory card. Raspberry Pis also take a fraction of the power to run compared to a typical desktop com- puter. At approximately $80 for a complete kit, the Raspberry Pi ZERO W is an excellent solu- tion for in-house digital signage display. There is robust online community support for the platform and many other possible projects that Raspberry Pi can be used for, depending on the proj- ects' computing needs. I would encourage anyone wanting to save money on their computer budget to check out these won- derful microcomputers." Iain Barksdale; Associate Director of Information Services; Bounds Law Library; The University of Alabama School of Law; Tuscaloosa, AL https://www.raspberrypi.org ($80 for the complete kit)

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