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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019 | AALL SPECTRUM 41 3 Westlaw. At Blank Rome, we have configured SAML SSO authentica- tion for Westlaw. We worked inter- nally with our IT team and externally with our Thomson Reuters technical client manager to set up SAML SSO. There are two ways for users to access SAML SSO. The first way is for users to click on a customized SSO URL to link your SAML account with your Westlaw OnePass account. Users then access SAML SSO by adding the customized SSO extension to their Westlaw URL to authenticate. Another option is for the user to click on the "Access with single sign-on" button and their organizational email address or group id. The benefits of the Westlaw SSO were immediately recognized. We were able to integrate the SAML SSO with our eLibraries. SAML SSO allowed users to bypass password authentication and client matter validation to take users directly to their preferred secondary sources. 3 Practical Law. We also implemented the SAML SSO authentication with the Practical Law platform. Practical Law is a non-billable resource that resides on the Westlaw platform. SAML SSO users bypassed logging in to Westlaw and validating their client matter number to get to PLC (practi- cal law). Users were taken directly to their desired PLC content by adding the customized SSO URL to the Practical Law URL. We customized links for the different Practical Law modules and added them to our intranet to provide convenient access to our users. 3 Lexis Advance. We have also config- ured SAML SSO for Lexis Advance. We went through a similar process of working internally with our IT team and externally with the LexisNexis staff field systems engineers. Users don't have to initiate the SAML process in Lexis Advance manually. The LexisNexis team adds the users to SAML SSO access. We have not launched SAML SSO into produc- tion for Lexis Advance. LexisNexis is currently in the process of migrating all their ancillary products to the Lexis Advance platform and we wanted to wait until that was com- pleted to put it into production. One advantage to configuring the SAML SSO for Lexis Advance was that we were able to configure SAML SSO for the Wall Street Journal easily. Blank Rome users experienced several issues with the Wall Street Journal enterprise access due to a security protocol that required users to reactivate their access every 90 days. We have not experienced these issues since we implemented SAML SSO for the Wall Street Journal. 3 Bloomberg Law. The firm is in the exploratory stages of setting up SAML SSO with Bloomberg Law. We are working with their Enterprise Integration team on this process. The Bloomberg model requires you to enter a username to sign in. Implementation in Other Organizations Most colleagues that I have spoken to within academic and government law libraries are not exploring SAML SSO authentication. SAML SSO is more likely to be implemented in a law firm or corporate law library. It is best to survey your stakeholders internally to determine if SAML SSO is a good fit for your organization. SAML SSO resolved most of the issues we experienced internally with our users. We are not able to measure the password fatigue for users but have received feedback on how efficient the new Westlaw login process is. We have also seen a reduction in the number of password and access tickets for Westlaw. We hope to have the same success when we go live with the Lexis Advance SSO and implement the Bloomberg Law SSO. SAML SSO was not painful to implement. Blank Rome had the tech- nology in place for another application used internally. If you are interested in this process, I would recommend talking to your IT team to determine if your organization is currently using SAML SSO. Also, technical team members for the online legal research vendors are great resources to educate you on the SAML SSO process. SAML SSO could potentially eliminate pass- words, increase security, and increase productivity at your organization. Final Takeaways 3 Law librarians have the skill sets to be great user experience designers. They can use technology such as SAML to improve accessibility to online legal research platforms. 3 Law librarians are well suited to aid in the battle against cybersecurity threats by supporting and protecting password practices. 3 Don't let the acronyms intimidate you. Collaborate with your internal and vendor IT departments to under- stand the requirements to implement SAML in your organization. 3 ANDRE DAVISON RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY MANAGER Blank Rome LLP Houston, TX adavison@blankrome.com © 2019 BY ANDRE DAVISON Law librarians are well suited to aid in the battle against cyber- security threats by supporting and protecting password practices. Information Management

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