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SHELF LIFE What book has had the greatest impact in helping you develop strategic working relationships? RELATIONSHIP RECS 1 GOOD BOSS, BAD BOSS: HOW TO BE THE BEST... AND LEARN FROM THE WORST by Robert I. Sutton siness ls, arc , is oo is a great read for anyone looking to build and strengthen working rela- tionsips t distills scientific research and practical sense into basic principles for how to change the emotional tone of a workspace to one of positivity and productivity. Simple tips include actively listening to your co-workers, having strong opinions but weakly held beliefs, being willing to admit your own faults, and confronting problems directly, quickly, and with hon- esty. While there is no formulaic, onesiefitsall soltion to becoming a great leader, this book is for anyone who wants to tr to e etter Camilla Tubbs; Associate Dean for Library and Technology; University of California; Hastings College of the Law Library; San Francisco, CA 2 STEEL MAGIC; THE GIFT OF FEAR; BOSSYPANTS t first glance, te tree books I credit with teaching me to build strategic relation- ships seem odd choices. Steel Magic ndre orton imon lse, gst , is a middle-grade fantasy. The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence by Gavin de ecer ell, a , is sed among oter tings to train law enforcement profes- sionals. Bossypants by Tina Fey ac a oos, anar , is an entertaining iogra- phy. But all three books empha- sie recogniing and trsting your strengths, your intuition, and yourself. When you do that, it's easier to accept the qualities that others bring to the table. That leads to more productive collaorations Carol Ottolenghi; Director of Library Services; Ohio Attorney General's Office; Columbus, OH 3 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR LIBRARIANS, 2ND EDITION by Arthur W. Hafner merican irar ssociation, arc , ne o m biggest challenges is commu- nicating data in a way that is easily understood. This book walks the reader through the process of compiling data, creating algorithms, and trans- lating the results into easily understood charts and tables. Using this book, I discovered ways of working with practice grops, te finance team, and the marketing team to commu- nicate important information in a quick, easy-to-understand format. I use chapter 4 on tables and charts nearly every day, which helps me to clearly communicate my ideas without getting bogged down in reams of data. Applying the skills detailed in this book provides tangible evidence of my value to these groups as a source and partner Mark Gediman; Reference Librarian; Alston & Bird LLP; Los Angeles, CA 4 SIX THINKING HATS by dard e ono ittle, ron ompan, "I was introduced to this book by Tracy Thompson, who at the time was the executive director of NELLCO. Often, when deal- ing with others, our emotions, outside information, logic, hope, etc., all invade our thoughts, which can lead to confusion. In Six Thinking Hats, De Bono takes the things that crowd our thoughts and separates them into six categories and assigns a colored hat to represent each category. By doing so, you can separate your thoughts into the different categories and deal with each emotion or idea at the appropriate time. This has been profoundly helpful as I have progressed in my career and have had to communicate with my library staff, the law school faculty, and other law library directors. It has made it easier for me to understand my emotions and the emotions others bring to the table. This has improved my relationships and has made it easier for me to deal—at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way— it an isses tat arise Christine Dulac; Law Library Director; Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library; University of Maine School of Law; Portland, ME Image © iStockPhoto.com/Kadirkaba/SurfUpVector/Enis Aksoy MARCH/APRIL 2020 | AALL SPECTRUM 11

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