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62 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG experience with that database, but your manager wants you to take over as the go-to person for it even though you're still learning how to use it your- self. Sometimes this is meant to be an opportunity: rise to the occasion. Sometimes it's a trap. A lot of times when our jobs change or take on new dimensions we are not involved in the decisions or reasoning behind it, so the sense of being disoriented and confused is completely rational. The magic secret to this column is that it's written a few months in advance of publication, which is usually not a problem because we can reason- ably predict consistent challenges and opportunities in our field. As you may have gathered from Maribel and Scott, however, this column is being written at a fairly unprecedented time, as most of us have seen our lives and jobs upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. By the time this comes out in the July/ August issue, we may all be back in the office, or we may be settling in for a completely disrupted fall. True, we all live with uncertainty, and we all have to cope with change, but obviously the scale of this event is beyond what most of us could imagine outside of fiction. (Suggested quarantine read: Station Eleven.) I mention this because as much as we can prepare for change, develop coping mechanisms, and remind our- selves that decisions are made for rea- sons we might not be privy to, we still can't adequately prepare for everything. I did not have a global pandemic on my bingo card. (If you did, I am very proud of you.) What I am telling you is something you already know: change, large and small, is inevitable. Quite a lot of it is completely out of our hands. The only things we can control are our reactions and what we do next. You can look at the modifications of your job as an opportunity to expand your skill set, or as a chance to really evaluate if you want to be there at all—are you being treated as an asset, or as a widget? Maybe it isn't the workplace for you— maybe it isn't even the field you want to be in. I expect that people will be doing some real self-evaluation as we slowly reopen workplaces and move forward. It doesn't need to take a global pan- demic to help us evaluate what really matters, but it can help. DOLLY M. KNIGHT REGIONAL LIBRARIAN Ventura County Library Ventura, CA dollymknight@gmail.com © 2020 BY DOLLY M. KNIGHT MARIBEL NASH BUSINESS/LEGAL RESEARCH ANALYST Cooley LLP San Francisco, CA mnash@cooley.com © 2020 BY MARIBEL NASH Professionalism + Leadership at Every Level SCOTT VANDERLIN STUDENT SERVICES LIBRARIAN University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library Chicago, IL svanderlin@uchicago.edu © 2020 BY SCOTT VANDERLIN BUSINESS EDGE MEMBER-GET-A-MEMBER PROGRAM ENRICH OTHERS + ENRICH YOURSELF You know that we are stronger, smarter, and more successful together. Help create an even more vibrant Association—invite your peers, colleagues, and staff to join AALL— through the AALL Member-Get-a-Member (MGAM) Program. For each member recruited receive: › A $15 Amazon gift card After three members recruited, receive: › A MGAM lapel pin All recruiters receive website recognition: › MGAM Leaderboard › My Communities MGAM digital badge learn more at bit.ly/AALL-mgam

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