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14 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG UP FRONT KATHLEEN (KATIE) BROWN Associate Dean for Library and International Program Relationships Charlotte School of Law CHARLOTTE, NC What are the most important issues facing law, our members, and the profession right now? Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable—we are at a time in our profession where we are challenging the norms of what a library and librar- ian "is." is makes people in and out of the profession uncomfortable, but it is necessary so we can remain vital in the business of law. What should AALL's top priority be in positioning the profession for the future? Finding new and respected ways to showcase ourselves as research and information experts to our stakehold- ers outside of the profession. Who or what has had the greatest impact on your professional life? e librarians (2002-2005) at Seattle PERSPECTIVE Get to Know Your 2017 AALL Executive Board Candidates When it comes to experience and knowledge—AALL's mem- bership runs deep. Every year, we seek out fresh talent from our pool of expertise by elect- ing a number of new Executive Board members who o er fresh ideas, skills, and perspective to lead the Association for- ward. AALL sat down with this year's group of Executive Board hopefuls and chatted beyond the basic 'What's your favorite food?' questions so you can gain a better understanding of who they are and where they hope to lead the Association. Learn more about your candidates, and be sure to visit AALLNET to access each candidate's statement and biography before the election begins September 30. AALL is grateful to everyone who volunteers to serve and to those who participate in electing our Association o›cials. Best of luck to all our candidates! Q&A CANDIDATES FOR VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT-ELECT •••• University Law School. I was debat- ing whether or not to drop out of law school when I began working at the circulation desk in the library. Aer working only a few desk shis, I real- ized I wanted to be a law librarian. When I shared my desire with the librarians on sta, they welcomed me to the fold and set out to expose me to as many library projects and skills as possible. e varied experience I had under these wise librarians' coach- ing allowed me to have a very strong foundation as I began my professional career path. What's the best advice you have ever received? I am dyslexic, and when I was rst diagnosed in my tween years, I was very upset. My mother then let me read my entire le of test results so I fully understood my challenges. When I was done, she told me what I had was an LD, which did not stand for learn- ing disabled. Instead, in our home LD stood for learns dierently. Today, I am very proud of learning dierently and I have found it to be very helpful when addressing administrative challenges that have deterred others. What is the greatest opportunity available to law librarians right now? We need to ask the question "why not us?" of ourselves and our stakeholders when it comes to projects, practice group meetings, scholarships, and trainings. We oen dene our seat at the table by the work that we are

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