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10 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG 10 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG They help us stay organized, manage our day-to-day schedules and emails, keep valuable information stored safely, and stay connected with our peers and patrons. What apps are essential to your workday? 5CLICKS FAVORITE APPS 1PASSWORD "A huge challenge I have is accessing my many logins from anywhere. 1Password gives me seamless access to my 200+ logins and pass- words behind a secure password-protected interface. It syncs seamlessly across all my devices, whether I'm at Disneyland with my family or working from home on my laptop. I was once in line for "It's a Small World" when I received an urgent request for an item from a small newspa- per. I was able to access the website using the built-in browser and auto-login features in 1Password to get the requested item to the attorney quickly from my iPhone. The combi- nation of the login infor- mation and a secure browser makes access easy from any device. I also like the ability to keep secure notes, such as PIN numbers, within this app." –Mark Gediman; Director of Information Services; Best Best & Krieger LLP; Riverside, CA 1password.com (compatible with any computer, smart- phone, or tablet; $2.99 for one person with multiple devices, and $4.99 for up to five family members) DUET DISPLAY "This app allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a neutral second monitor for your laptop. If you have two monitors at work (or even three, as our COO does!), you may miss the flexibility it allows when you're out and about or working from home using your laptop. Duet Display easily converts your iPad into a screen (or your phone, depending on how large you want the second screen to be). There is a fee for downloading Duet Display, but it's a lot cheaper and easier than lugging around an extra monitor." –Christine M. Stou-er; Director of Library Services; Thompson Hine LLP; Cleveland, OH duetdisplay.com (iPhone, iPad; $19.99) eWALLET "I could not live with- out eWallet—it tracks all of all my online accounts, both work and personal. It's almost scary the num- ber of accounts I have. I don't use all of them, but just checking out a new app often means creating an account and password. The app also helps by generat- ing unique passwords, which is something security experts rec- ommend. I also include information for fre- quent flyer accounts, passport information, and credit cards within the app—all of which TELL AALL SPECTRUM What apps are essential to your workday? Email hhaemker@aall.org and your answer may be featured here. YOMIWA "Yomiwa is my go-to app for quick kanji transla- tions when engaging with physical Japanese materials, such as books, newspapers, or magazines. While there are other great tools for kanji translations when working in an online environment, Yomiwa's augmented reality scan- ning offers almost instant translations by popping up suggested kanji based on the scan and accom- panying definitions. Using Yomiwa also eliminates the need for an 'old school' electronic pocket translator. It also works well in real-world travel situations." –Hollie White; Digital Initiatives Librarian; Duke University School of Law; Durham, NC yomiwa.net (iOS and Andriod; $5.00) I have needed while traveling." –Sharon Bradley; Special Collections Librarian; University of Georgia School of Law; Athens, GA iliumsoft.com/ewallet (iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Mac, Windows PC, BlackBerry 10; $9.99) OUTLOOK APP "The Outlook app helps me control my mailbox and allows me to focus on the most important emails when I am out of the office and relying on my iPhone. The app separates my inbox into two tabs—"Focused" and "Other." Emails from the people I communicate with most frequently appear in my "Focused" inbox; content that is com- puter-generated (such as newsletters or listservs) are placed in the "Other" inbox—accessible, but out of the way. The app also allows me to archive or delete messages with a simple finger swipe, and set messages to return to my inbox at a later time. The calendar feature is built in, so I no longer have to open another app. I can also easily share files from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Before installing the app, I was on email overload, especially when traveling. This app helps me to prioritize what is important." –Pat Newcombe, Associate Dean of Library and Information Resources; Western New England University School of Law; Springfield, MA microsoft.com/en-us/ outlook-com (iOS, Android, Blackberry; free) 10 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG UP FRONT Image © iStock.com/ sodafish/kannsma/melanjurga

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