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18 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG horizon scanning in terms of socio- economic, demographic, and political/ policy trends. If your personal situation allows for it, move around geographically as well as among dierent sectors. is is where law librarianship really aords lots of options. One of my favorite stories comes from Jim Shelar, the legendary law librarian at the Washington-based law rm, Arnold & Porter. Shelar started out as a children's librarian. When asked the dierences between being a children's librarian and a law librarian, he said "not much, except in law the chairs are bigger." Do not get complacent. Keep evolv- ing. I am reminded of the famous New Yorker cartoon that shows a sh swim- ming onto land. A sh in the water shouts out "Why don't you just stay and work on being a better sh?" Learn something from everything you do—raising children, volunteering, participating in team sports, pursuing a hobby, travel—taking the phrase "on the job training" literally is very limiting. Give yourself permission to be exible even with a dream. A recent Stanford study noted that few people really know what they want to do with their lives. Within just a few years, many people nd themselves in jobs they never would have considered a few years earlier or never considered when they were choosing their college or college major. Today, more than ever, with more social expectations that each of us will have many jobs, if not careers, and with people working longer (on average more than three to ve careers over a 60-year work life), there is no prescription for career fulllment. Please make sure to feel passion and purpose in everything you do. Take Care of "You" One of the most important lessons that I have learned is to make sure you lead a balanced life. At one point in my career, I felt so overwhelmed that I took the thought we oen have, "if only I had another day in the week …," to heart. I started cutting back sig- nicantly on my sleep. While I could remain awake and alert at work, I was ROBERTA I. SHAFFER LAW LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS Library of Congress Washington, DC suzysnoandro@aol.com © 2017 BY ROBERTA I. SHAFFER not t for any leisure time activities. Soon, I came to resent the fact that I was missing out on things I loved to do. I did not see any current movies, had to cut out concerts, and missed meals with friends. e price I paid was not worth the return on my per- sonal investment in the position. By now you may be wondering, when a strategist like me does get his or her dream job, is it possible to be happy aer all that build up? I am delighted to report that the answer is a resounding "yes." In my case, it is even more terric than I ever dreamed it would be. ¢ AALL2go EXTRAS Watch the "So You Want to Be the Big Boss? Progressive Career Growth from Librarian to the Upper Echelons" webinar at bit.ly/AALL2goBoss. Watch the "Creating New Futures: Conversations on Career Transitions" webinar at bit.ly/AALL2goCareer. Learn something from everything you do. Taking the phrase "on the job training" literally is very limiting.

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