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JULY/AUGUST 2017 | AALL SPECTRUM 21 SHELF LIFE What book would you recommend for self-improvement, finding balance, or embracing new habits? SELF-IMPROVEMENT CONTRIBUTE What book has helped you better manage change in the legal information field? Send your pick to hhaemker@aall.org. •••• JULY/AUGUST 2017 | AALL SPECTRUM 21 1 BETTER THAN BEFORE: MASTERING THE HABITS OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES by Gretchen Rubin (Crown Publishers, 1 edi- tion, March 17, 2015). "Rubin is a former editor of the Yale Law Journal and clerk to Sandra Day O'Connor. Relying on her earlier happiness research, she classifies personality types into Four Tendencies, based on how individuals respond to expectations: Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel. Understanding my Upholder tendency has helped me to change my habits in positive ways, such as no longer hitting the snooze button. One sug- gestion is to make good habits convenient and bad habits inconvenient. Is there one easy thing we can all do every day to be happy? Yes: make your bed, or don't make your bed, which- ever makes you happier." Heather J. E. Simmons; Law & Business Reference Librarian; University of Illinois College of Law; Champaign, IL 2 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN edited by Leonard W. Labaree, Ralph L. Ketcham, Helen C. Boatfield, and Helene H. Fineman (Yale University Press, 2 edition, April 10, 2003). "A current play has Franklin sing that he made himself from thin air. This book makes clear that in reality he systematically chose the virtues he wanted to develop and focused on each in order of importance. I remember reading the account many years ago and thinking this approach makes a lot of sense for a left-brained introvert like myself. Franklin's accomplish- ment in developing the traits he sought to possess gives me hope that I can choose what I want to become by focusing on one trait at a time, to become the ideal version of myself." William R. Gaskill; Reference and Collection Development Librarian; Howard W. Hunter Law Library; J. Reuben Clark Law School; Brigham Young University; Provo, UT 4 TURNING THE MIND INTO AN ALLY by Sakyong Mipham (River- head Books, reprint edition, January 6, 2004). "A lot has been written about stress in the workplace. Not coinci- dentally, a lot has also been written about mindfulness and self-awareness as tools to counter those stresses. But no books have been written so clear as this one. The notion of "cutting through spiritual mate- rialism" resounds throughout, and the simple instructions are clear: meditate and be mind- ful. Just do it. The techniques taught are worth any person's time, but the book's vibrant philosophy of mindfulness—off the meditation cushions— truly makes it a great read." Kyle K. Courtney; Copyright Advisor; Harvard University; Cambridge, MA 3 GETTING THINGS DONE: THE ART OF STRESS-FREE PRODUCTIVITY by David Allen (Penguin Books; Revised edition, March 17, 2015). "The day I started my first law library job, my new boss handed me this book: 'I just read this, and I'm converted,' she said. Relieved it was a business manual, I read my copy eagerly. It was full of useful information, including 'you'll always have something to do, so suit your task to the chunk of time and energy you have available.' Break projects down into discrete, small steps that you can finish quickly and cross off your list—this gets you into the habit of finishing things. It lets you focus on what you can accomplish right now. After reading the book, I too was converted." Jocelyn Stilwell-Tong; Law Librarian; California Sixth District Court of Appeal; San Jose, CA

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