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JULY/AUGUST 2017 | AALL SPECTRUM 7 ere were dicult times, and times that stretched me to my limits, but overall, I learned, I grew, and I persevered along with all of the members of our Association. To quote a song (out of context I might add) from the hit Broadway musical "Wicked," "I've been changed for the better." As I think about the really incredible articles penned for this issue of AALL Spectrum, the common theme is change. e theme for the 2017 AALL Annual Meeting in Austin, "Forgo the Status Quo," ts perfectly here in describing what I've had to do as AALL President, and what the articles in this issue all have in common. e articles you'll read here help us to either start something new, do something dierently, con- front a new and unfamiliar problem, or make something better. Although they are each about dierent topics, they help us to change and grow, to keep pace with the rapidly changing informa- tion eld, to change for the better, and to forgo the status quo. Part of keeping pace means changing lead- ership. A change in leadership is wise and healthy for an organization. us, here we are, approaching the end of my nal President's Message. Yet, my job is not done. I shall resume the jobs that all AALL members do. at job is to engage, to learn, to volunteer, to discuss, to t is with relief, but also with a profound sense of disbelief, that I sit here ponder- ing what message I want to impart in the nal President's Message of my AALL presidency. e quote that comes to mind for me is, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…." Although I most certainly can be said to have had moments of both wisdom and foolishness during the last 12 months, much of this time was the best of my career and there is nothing I would say was negative. CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Learn, Grow, Teach, Lead Ronald E. Wheeler Jr. AALL President wheelerr@bu.edu PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE grow, to vote, and to interact in all of the ways necessary to teach, to remain vital, and to keep our Association moving forward. My wish for AALL is that we can all begin to think of our Association in the same way that we think of the legal information eld. It requires change to remain viable, relevant, and healthy. If we are lucky, we love and revere the familiar and important facets of the Association from our pasts. Yet, at the same time, we must accept its changing nature. In fact, we should demand or require it to change and evolve. Our Association, just like our educational programming, should explore new topics, incorporate new talent, embrace new ideas, and lead our profession to unimagined places. It has been the biggest thrill, the hardest test, and the most extraordinary privilege to serve as your AALL President. ank you for trusting me, for holding me accountable, and for pushing me to strive for more. I bid you farewell as AALL President, but I am still here ready to unite, to engage, and to serve our exceptional profession. I

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