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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | AALL SPECTRUM 11 SHELF LIFE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | AALL SPECTRUM 11 1 QUIET: THE POWER OF INTROVERTS IN A WORLD THAT CAN'T STOP TALKING by Susan Cain (Broadway Books; January 29, 2013). "For most of my life, I saw being an introvert as being sentenced to the outer fringes of my profession and society as a whole. This changed when I read this book. Quiet takes the classic characteristics of intro- verts and demonstrates their professional uses. Talents com- mon to introverts, such as plan- ning and writing, allow them to contribute to the librarian profession as leaders, rather than as overlooked followers. Quiet also explains why people are introverts or extroverts—we are a product of chemistry and the lives we have led." Madelaine A. Gordon; Principal Reference Librarian; O•ce of the Ohio Attorney General Library; Columbus, OH 2 PRACTICING REFERENCE: THOUGHTS FOR LIBRARIANS AND LEGAL RESEARCHERS by Mary Whisner (William S. Hein & Co., Inc., AALL Publications Series No. 73, June 30, 2006). "This book perfectly captures the essence of the profession and researching in an imperfect world. It allowed me to learn how a seasoned law librarian approaches her work, and it also includes practical advice about being a professional and using valuable research techniques. I am grateful that the librarians at Seattle University gave me this book in law school. I did not take the traditional JD/MLIS path, but the essays remain relevant to me and I still reflect on them, especially when I reference Bouvier's Law Dictionary." Justin Abbasi; Judicial Assistant; Washington Supreme Court; Olympia, WA 4 HOLD ON TO YOURSELF: HOW TO STAY COOL IN HOT CONVERSATIONS by Judy Zehr and Julia Menard (Balbao Press; revised edition; August 24, 2016). "You are in the midst of a productive meet- ing when suddenly the tranquil state transforms into a storm with heated verbal exchanges or disturbing silence. The prim- itive stress response has been triggered. The brain perceives a threat and hormones surge, causing feelings to either ramp up or completely shut down. Zehr and Menard present a clear description of how the brain works during conflict along with practical tools to address emotionally charged situations. Useful appendices comprise the 38 tools described in the book, including a table outlining appli- cable tools to use when experi- encing various levels of stress." Carol Morgan Collins; Associate Professor; Head of Technical Services; University of Tennessee College of Law Library; Knoxville, TN 3 THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen R. Covey (Free Press; revised edition; November 9, 2004). "Stephen Covey first appealed to me for his ability to con- cisely describe habits that would challenge a new librar- ian (who was also a new mom). The book served as a road map of what was required to move forward. A quick look back at the habits serves as a reminder of how applying them has served me throughout my career: be proactive, begin with the end in mind (set your per- sonal mission statement), put first things first (set priorities), think win-win (work with oth- ers), seek first to understand, then to be understood (listen first), synergize (cooperation), and sharpen your saw (invest in yourself)." Margo Jeske; Director; Brian Dickson Law Library; University of Ottawa; Ontario; Canada What book has helped shape your professional development and/or success? PRODEV RECS CONTRIBUTE What book has provided the greatest inspiration for your career? Send your pick to hhaemker@aall.org.

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