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They help us easily scan important documents and manage to-do lists, notes, daily tasks, and research. What apps are essential to your workday? 4CLICKS FAVORITE APPS TELL AALL SPECTRUM What apps are essential to your workday? Email hhaemker@aall.org and your answer may be featured here. SCANNABLE "With this free app, you can use your iPhone or iPad to scan multi page items such as books, articles, and photos. Simply hov er your phone over the item and the app finds the edges of the page and automati- cally scans it. For text, it will 'flatten' scans so they are square (no curved pages or gutters). It will also straighten lines and convert text to black and white for easy read- ing. Scans are automati- cally converted to PDFs, which can be emailed or shared directly from the app to Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, and other apps. It is a must- have for anyone who needs to quickly convert print materials to PDF or JPEG." – Darin K. Fox; Associate Dean, Director of the Law Library, Professor of Law; Donald E. Pray Law Library; University of Oklahoma College of Law; Norman, OK evernote.com/products/ scannable (iPhone, iPad, and Android; basic plan is free; business plan is $12 per user/month) Image © iStock.com/Skarin/Cnythzl ZOTERO "Whether just starting a research project or article, this invaluable tool helps organize your research into folders and saves the meta- data associated with each article, image, or even video file. If your research is a webpage, Zotero can save the metadata and either a snapshot of the page or a link. To further organize your research, Zotero lets you assign tags to each source in your own personal library. Since Zotero automatically saves all of the metadata, citations are a breeze. Fortunately, with more than 8,000 citation styles to choose from, including The Bluebook, Zotero can create the citations with a sim- ple click of a button. Installing the Microsoft Word extension allows you to create in-line citations as you write. This free tool is one that I frequently recommend to undergraduate stu- dents and one that I wish had been available when I was in school." – Heather Mitchell; Technical Services Librarian; Rutgers University Law School; Camden, NJ https://www.zotero.org (Mac, Windows, and Linux; free) IKE "Ike is a to-do list app named after former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who said, 'What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.' This quote inspired the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. The four quadrants represent the following catego- ries that help prioritize what needs to get done and when: important and urgent; important but not urgent; not important but urgent; not important nor urgent. You can name each quadrant to reflect urgency levels. Mine are: Do It (important and urgent); Plan It (import- ant but with breathing room); Get to It (not important but neces- sary); Shakira (when- ever, wherever). You can create a to-do checklist of tasks below each quadrant and assign due dates, set reminder alarms, and add images and notes to each task. You can also create multiple quadrants to separate your responsibilities." – Avery Le; Assistant Law Librarian for Outreach; Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library; Emory University School of Law; Atlanta, GA http://eisenhower.me (Android 4.4 and up; iPhone/desktop; free) EVERNOTE "Evernote is a cross- platform app for note taking, organizing, and archiving. It can serve many purposes (digital file cabinet, project manager, etc.). The basic building block is a note, to which you can add text, documents, photos, or audio. Notes can be tagged to assist in retrieval and can go into notebooks where they can be grouped together into stacks. A powerful search feature makes it easy to locate content. There are a number of apps and browser exten- sions to capture and send information into Evernote." – Grace Lee; Emerging Technologies Librarian; New York Law School; New York, NY https://evernote.com (iPhone, iPad, Android; desktop; free, plans range from $34.99/year to $12.00/user/month for business) JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | AALL SPECTRUM 13

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