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AALL Spectrum / January/February 2018 / Volume 22, Number 3

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UP FRONT JOSEPH LAWSON 3 DEPUTY DIRECTOR 3 HARRIS COUNTY LAW LIBRARY 3 HOUSTON, TX VANTAGE POINT MEMBER PROFILE THREE GOALS FOR THE YEAR? 1) Learn my daughter's favorite tune (B-I-N-G-O) on the ukulele. 2) Organize my desk. 3) Be a better manager. WHAT'S YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT AND HOW HAS IT SHAPED YOU? My family. I have no idea what I did to deserve such a wonderful wife and daughter, but whatever it was, it was worth it and I would do it again. Those two are both inspirational and guiding forces in everything I do. IF YOU COULD LIVE IN A BOOK OR MOVIE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Sherlock Holmes, the book version, or Guy Ritchie's interpretation, as long as I'm not the one whose death or disappearance drives the plot along. Photo © 2016 by Joe Strange A SKILL YOU'D LIKE TO LEARN? I'd like to learn more about the technical aspects of photog- raphy, videography, and sound engineering. Many aspects of my instruction and outreach work involve use of mixed media, so I would benefit from improved audiovisual production. 8 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG WHAT INSPIRES YOU MOST? Nonprofit-y persistence. Every day, my work brings me into contact with people from community orga- nizations and small government agencies that provide valuable services on a shoestring budget. The persistence of those who constantly innovate to help those in need inspires me.

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