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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019 | AALL SPECTRUM 49 Model CI Checklists CI reports range from background reports about officers and directors, companies, and industries, to web- sites, litigation, transactions, and other activities. As we discussed in the September/ October 2019 issue of AALL Spectrum, CI checklist questions can be grouped into six categories: 1. People 2. Company 3. Litigation Parties 4. Intellectual Property 5. Industry 6. Other Activities Let's look at a few model CI checklists, which have been condensed here for purposes of illustration. Copies of the full versions of these models are avail- able on practical.ciblogger.com and On Firmer Ground at bit.ly/ND19checklist. Feel free to adapt or modify them to suit your purposes. People Checklist 3 Name of person 3 Address 3 Telephone 3 Email 3 Social media presence 3 Workplace 3 Education 3 Additional business relationships 3 Who knows whom Company Checklist 3 Company name 3 Company address 3 Industry 3 Officers & directors 3 Social media Other Activities Checklist 3 Is the company involved in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) activities? 3 What are their political contributions? 3 Is the company on a watch list? 3 What are their real estate holdings? 3 What are their cybersecurity policies? 3 Have there been data breaches? 3 What information can be gathered from the website? 3 Are there any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations? Now, Begin Developing a CI checklist is the first step to gathering information for the CI report. Checklists create consistency for your reports and ensure that everything that needs to be included is incorporated. 3 Mergers & acquisitions activity 3 Subsidiaries 3 Law firm contacts within the company 3 Locations in the world Litigation Parties Checklist 3 Plaintiff/Defendant ratios 3 How many times in litigation? 3 Win/Loss/Settle ratios? 3 Which courts have they appeared in? 3 Which judges have adjudicated this company? 4 By name 4 By percentage 3 Which law firms/attorneys represent them: 4 By name 4 By percentage Intellectual Property Checklist 3 What is the composition of the IP portfolio? 3 How many patents are: 4 Granted 4 Licensed 4 Sold 4 Expired 4 About to expire Industry Checklist 3 What is the overview of the industry? 3 What are the names of the companies in the main industry? 3 How do they rank in terms of size? 4 Number of employees 4 Revenue 4 Profit KEVIN MILES MANAGER OF LIBRARY SERVICES Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP Dallas, TX kevin.miles@nortonrosefulbright.com © 2019 BY KEVIN MILES Image © iStock.com/Suebsiri/kentoh READ Practical Competitive Intelligence "Breaking Down the Basics," in the September/ October 2019 issue of AALL Spectrum at bit.ly/SO19Miles. COMING SOON AALL Competitive Intelligence Strategies & Analysis, May 2020. Details will be forthcoming. AALL2go EXTRA Listen to the 2016 webinar "Advanced Competitive Intelligence: Best Practices in Conducting CI Research," at bit.lyAALL2go0616CI. Research + Analytics Information Management

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