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INSTANT MESSAGING "Instant messaging (IM) can be very helpful for keeping in touch with the people you work with remotely throughout the day. Most instant messaging programs allow you to add internal or external contacts to a contacts list, which you can then group together by team, department, or projects. IM allows you to get in touch with colleagues quickly, and can be an efficient alternative to email, particularly for an ongoing conversation, and it's less intrusive or disruptive than a phone call. IM also allows staff to indicate whether they are available or away, as well as to customize their status (e.g., conducting training until 2:00 p.m.), which can help in sched- uling meetings, assigning requests, etc." —Doug Southard; Research Services Manager; WilmerHale; Boston, MA (multiple solutions available for desktop and mobile devices; prices vary) TWITTER "Twitter has been the best professional growth app for me so far. I don't say this only because of its technical capabilities or the links to professional content shared through it, though these are good and valuable. For me, the informal, microblogging aspect of Twitter provides a rare window into the process of law librarianship as others practice it. If our work is seen in our libraries and curricula vitae is represented by finished sculptures, Twitter has let me see both masters and appren- tices at work, chiseling 140 or fewer characters of marble chips or marble dust at a time. Sometimes I chime in and say 'beautiful,' or 'maybe that can be salvaged,' but for the most part I am just grateful to observe the master class in progress and get inspired." —Eve Ross; Assistant Librarian/Research Specialist; McNair Law Firm, P.A.; Columbia, SC twitter.com (most smartphones, tablets, and desktops; free) POCKET "Pocket is the best way I've found to save articles for viewing later. It works across multiple platforms so if I come across an item on my work PC, I can view it later on my phone or tablet. Best of all, it only pulls the main content from the page and reformats it into a clean layout with readable font size. Especially nice when you come across a poorly designed webpage, I will often save it to Pocket just to read it in a clean format. You can also save images and videos and tag and archive items." —Marisol Roberts, MLIS; Information and Library Services Manager; Hopping Green & Sams, P.A.; Tallahassee, FL getpocket.com (iOS, Android, Kobo, web browser; free) UP FRONT 10 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG Management and Leadership Resources Books recommended at the 2015 AALL Management Institute: ¡ ¡ Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World by Jennifer Garvey Berger ¡ ¡ Managing Transitions by William Bridges ¡ ¡ Managing in the Middle edited by Robert Farrell and Kenneth Schlesinger ¡ ¡ A Leader's Legacy by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner ¡ ¡ e Truth About Leadership by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner ¡ ¡ Becoming a Resonant Leader by Annie McKee, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Fran Johnston ¡ ¡ Developing Library Leaders by Robert D. Stueart and Maureen Sullivan Webinars available on AALL2go: ¡ ¡ Library Career Planning: Is Management Right for Everyone? ¡ ¡ Legal Project Management and Legal Lean Sigma ¡ ¡ Taming the Chaos: Productivity and Time Management for Law Librarians ¡ ¡ Library Finances 101: Developing Workplace Financial Literacy in Your Staff and Institution ¡ ¡ Struggling with Juggling? How to Stress Less ¡ ¡ e Librarians Strike Back: Implementing Strike Teams to Get Stuff Done ¡ ¡ Mastering the Art of Budgeting: A Librarian's Approach Search for more at bit.ly/AALL2go. They help us stay connected across the office or across the world, learn from our peers, and save articles of interest from the web. What apps are essential to your work? 3CLICKS FAVORITE APPS TELL AALL SPECTRUM What apps are essential in your work day? Email spectrum@aall.org and your answer may be featured in an upcoming issue. NEWS & NOTES Images © iStock.com/ Alex Belomlinsky.

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