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AALL Spectrum | January/February 2016 | Volume 20, Number 3

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8 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG JEREMY SULLIVAN ¡ 3 LIBRARY RESEARCH SERVICES MANAGER ¡ 3 DLA PIPER ¡ 3 SACRAMENTO, CA VANTAGE POINT MEMBER PROFILE YOUR BIOGRAPHY TITLE? He Never Stopped. I always start legal research with the belief that whatever's being asked for is findable—it just requires the right amount of skill and creativity as well as a lot of persistence. ADVICE TO YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF? Stop worrying about things you can't control. That's not to say that I used to try to control everything, just that I worried about it all as much as I possibly could. I think I used to thrive on stress, and none of it did me any good. SKILL YOU'D LIKE TO LEARN? Growing up, literally all of my friends could play the guitar. It looks so easy, but it seems so hard. So I'd like, at long last, to be able to play the guitar. WORDS TO LIVE BY? Basically anything from the first 10 seasons of The Simpsons. YOUR FAVORITE FILM ADAPTATION OF A BOOK? Was Mad Max: Fury Road a book first? I'm actually cautiously optimistic about the adaptation of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. Beyond that, even though Stephen King hated it, I'd have to go with Kubrick's The Shining. UP FRONT 8 AALL SPECTRUM | WWW.AALLNET.ORG

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