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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | AALL SPECTRUM 15 H ow do you make a request for funding, release time, or sup- port for education that permits you to do your existing job better or assists you in preparing for a job that is aspirational and is likely to be successful? On the ip side, supervisors must balance budget priorities and funding requests. What does a supervisor need to see or hear in a request to help move them to the yes side of things? Balancing the seesaw of profes- sional development requests with the competing needs of resource alloca- tion, strategic prioritization, and the desire to provide ongoing education and development opportunities is challenging for both employees and supervisors. If you are the employee, how do you make a successful request, and if you are the supervisor, how do you prioritize funding and resources such as time away? Tips for the Ask Base your "ask" in reality, but do not be afraid to reach a bit as well. Supervisors like to see initiative and they have an innate desire to support those who are embracing growth. Still, there is the thorny problem of resource allocation. Time and funding are likely to be your greatest obstacles, but there may be other barriers in addition to these. Be thoughtful and attempt to identify where the problem spots in your request might lie. Prepare a realistic budget to pres- ent to your supervisor that includes estimated costs and time. Be sure to detail any cost-cutting measures you intend to undertake. Budget is key. Consider proposing a multiyear professional development strategy that includes lower-cost alternatives. Time away may also be challenging. Consider how time spent on profes- sional development impacts your abil- ity to meet deadlines and what, if any Professional development and ongoing learning opportunities are essential for the success of information professionals. Regardless of the size of your organization, budgets are finite and securing funding and support for ongoing learning is challenging. A quandary for most employees is how to succeed at the ask.

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